About Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy

Psychotherapy and Counselling are ways to understand how and why we think, feel and behave the way we do. The purpose is to use this understanding to improve our lives, overcome issues and make changes that enable us to achieve our personal and career goals. 

Neuro Linguistic Psychotherapy (NLPt) developed from Neuro Linguistic Programming. NLPt is broad based and draws on many areas of psychology and psychotherapy.  It is based on the premise that we construct our reality based on our experiences to develop our own ‘model of the world’. This model can be useful in helping us live our lives, manage relationships and achieve our goals and sometimes aspects of it can be unhelpful.

NLPt explores the thinking patterns, beliefs and experiences behind problems and goals, enabling people to make changes by re programming what is not helpful to them and using more of what is helpful. This process is called ‘modelling’ and is effective in a broad range of contexts and applications.
What happens in the sessions? 

I will work with you to help you to identify and clarify your outcomes. You'll then seek to achieve them by using your own existing resources and skills as well as uncovering and developing new choices. This can involve you experimenting with changing beliefs that limit your success, identifying new beliefs and gaining new insights into your patterns of thinking or behaviour, which helps you to have more choices about how to act, think or respond in a given situation. 

In general people have three main responses when experiencing the world:
  • Delete - ignoring some of our experiences or details from those experiences that may have created unhelpful meanings in the present

  • Distort – creating meanings from and between previous experiences that may not be helpful in the present

  • Generalise – creating universal rules from previous experiences that may not be helpful now 

I pay close attention to the words you use, your physiology and your behaviour. From this I can support you to become aware how your own responses are shaping your current experience. This will enable you to understand yourself to make the specific changes that will support you in your life, now and in the future.